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I hope you enjoy my pictures . Since I have retired ( 2005 ) I have traveled extensively ( there are a lot more places to visit ) and created this site to share and make available my work.

Organization : In general the pictures are organized , Galleries and are in 2 areas - Fine art ( processed pictures ready for sale ) and a Friends and Family area that is password protected .Fine art Pictures are organized as :    

- Recent Pictures             

- Travel

- Events that might be of Interest

- Black and White

Each category might have several galleries

---- Navigation is by the Above Menus  -----

The Friends and Family area is as then name suggests. Select this area and you will be prompted by a request for a password - select the hint and you should be able to put in the password.

Any Questions / comments would be appreciated.


Leave comments below the gallery .

Thank you for taking the time to visit.  

Please Enjoy

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